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Behind the phrase Search Engine Optimization (SEO ), literally Optimization for Search Engines, are techniques for optimizing a site in order to conform to the sorting factors used by an algorithm. search engine. These different factors define the relevance of a site and therefore its positioning in the search results.

Behind Each Search Engine Lies A Complex Algorithm:

The Operation Of The Algorithm:

It’s always a bit abstract for some people, but a search engine works automatically. For this its developers make a complex algorithm, taking into account hundreds of different factors. The code of this algorithm is the best kept secret of these companies.

The “robots” of the search engine browse the web and return the information they find there. This information passes to the heart of the algorithm which then determines the importance of the content it has just inspected and therefore the way it will be displayed to users (for which requests and in which positions).

Register In The Logic Of The Algorithm:

The official position of Google (the leader of research, we will therefore rely on him for the future) is to put the visitor at the center of your actions. From the structure of the site to your content. The algorithm will try to differentiate between what is pleasant or inconvenient for the user (site adapted for mobile, organization of the site, formats used ..) and try to estimate the relevance and the value of your content (Is it long? Is it unique? other sites do they talk about it?).

Like any automatic program, we can study its operation and its reactions, make tests to identify what it is sensitive. We can optimize its actions to include them in the logic of the algorithm. One can also try to deceive the algorithm by taking advantage of its imperfection. But beware of its evolution, a fault today may not be a tomorrow. Poor practice will expose the site automatically because of the consideration of new factors.

Major Updates To Google’s Algorithm:

Google regularly improves its algorithm to make it more efficient. Whether to incorporate new concepts or to fight against abusive techniques (Black Hat SEO). For an exhaustive list of updates, go to this list . We will focus only on major changes to Google’s algorithm.

Google Panda:

Google Panda deals mainly with the content of the sites. This filter analyzes content to penalize sites with content that does not belong to them or offers no value-added content.

Google Penguin:

Google Penguin focuses on the practices external to the site. This filter analyzes in particular the backlinks (incoming links) of the sites in order to determine their legitimacy. Low quality links (directories ..) and created artificially no longer benefit the site, and penalize even if they are too many.

Google Venice:

Google Venice highlights local searches in search results. An axis in full development for Google that reports that 20% of all searches are for local searches.

Google Hummingbird:

Google Hummingbird (or Colibri in good French) aims to better understand the research made by users. It more effectively targets queries made naturally (a question for example) and searches for the intent behind the search typed by the user.

Google+, The Surprise Guest:

Google+, Google’s social network, is not an algorithm or an update of the algorithm. However, today it has a huge impact on search results. The American giant is doing everything to force his social network. Thus a whole series of improvements in search results visibility are directly related to Google+ (local search, author image, corporate inset). In addition, by default, all search results are now customized based on your Google+ Page and the network you built there. Do you have the page of a site in your circles? This will be highlighted during your research.

SEO service provider: An Ever-Changing Field:

The frequency of updates to Google’s algorithm and the topics of these updates prompted some to shout loudly that SEO was dead and buried. Because of cheap back links strategies. The job of reference, he has never asked as much know-how at the beginning of 2014. And that’s why the SEO is alive and well. Defining a strategy to overcome past bad habits and facing future changes requires more work. And a permanent watch.

What Future For The Field Of SEO service provider?

The future of SEO according to Google is focused on the user. Search engine optimization agencies will have to evolve into a web marketing agency to survive. Everything must be done in the best interest of the latter. ForSEO service provider, you have to translate that into concrete techniques. What factors will take into account the search engine algorithm to perceive this user orientation? There are currently four strong trends to integrate:

  • The Google Ecosystem : It is becoming increasingly important and is already partially integrated with search results (YouTube, Google+ ..).
  • The Mobile Web : Mobile web traffic is catching up with the speed of fixed web traffic. Think “responsive design”.
  • The Local Seo : Local searches account for 20% of total searches. Today in full development with the pages of Google+ Local, its development is directly linked to that of the mobile web and the geo location of mobile terminals.
  • Content : Unique, consistent and frequent content. Whatever the subject of your site, it will now reflect on a suitable content strategy.