After a few days off my traffic is starting to fall away as I have been concentrating on product creation over the last 10 days. But, you can see my increase in traffic since I started implementing the two traffic strategies that Dean showed us, by installing Google analytics this just shows that this method is working to attract more visitors to my website.

I will continue to drive traffic and build my list, focusing mainly on the two methods taught, as the are proven to work. Although I have been researching several additional methods to add as well. I want these methods to be quick and easy to implement, while generating a decent amount of traffic for the time invested.

To this end I am looking to make better use of social media as one of my additional traffic generation sources. Primarily Twitter and Facebook as I already have knowledge of these programs. Also looking at Google plus and Pinterest which I am not quite so familiar with.

I have started to split test my squeeze page using Google Webmaster Tools which you can access through your Google analytics account. The target is to increase opt-in conversion rates. I have 3 different layouts with each page containing the same headline, text, optin form and image (different size on one page due to page layout) which is my start point. I will then concentrate on the headline.


Having a plan and schedule to work to is something that that Dean pointed out on more than one occasion. This provides many benefits, not least of which is prioritizing your To Do list. So as well as spending a set amount of time driving traffic each day I am also setting aside time to do other priority tasks. This has helped greatly in productivity as I am not getting sidetracked by emails and the like as these tasks are now scheduled at the end of my time on the computer.

I am currently in product creation mode, which I have just completed the draft for, and currently reading through and searching to see if any images need adding that would simplify the reader’s understanding better. Been reading up on copywriting, and basic sales page is now in first draft. Chose a title and domain name but when I went to purchase the domain it was for sale at Namecheap for over $12k. Currently brainstorming an alternative title.


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