Important of Online Marketing

Business Intelligence

The business intelligence resources are again related to the data. The discovery, management and use of data will be decisive in the digital marketing strategies of companies.

With this new type of smart business, you will exploit the data of the users. You can analyze and interpret them immediately in real time. The speed with which you can draw conclusions from the information you receive, will help you to make business strategies more effective.

The correct use and interpretation of these data will allow you to achieve a competitive advantage and obtain optimized results.

Visual web

Trends in online marketing

The visual is gaining ground to the written, and each year takes on a greater role. The youngest, from the millennial and post-millennial, prefer to receive information based on images and videos.

There are many reasons why young people prefer this format. But there are two determining factors. In the first place, the frenetic pace at which one lives today. Secondly, to the enormous amount of information to which the human being is exposed every day. As a result, the information that is currently published is shown in a synthetic and visual way.

Clear examples of formats that have facilitated that the visual is superimposed on the rest, are social networks. YouTube is considered the most popular video channel and the best format in content marketing. Facebook and Instagram that understanding the social reality, have added videos to their platforms.


Ultimately, Pinterest which has created a different reality, where the visual is predominant. A careful design with original images very aligned with the values of the brand.

This new way of showing information has penetrated the users and many businesses base their content marketing strategy on visual search or image search. Likewise, Pinterest tends to become an ecommerce platform.

Despite the rise of these social networks, there is still a lot of potential to exploit. The social media and visual web strategy has just begun, and there is a lot of work ahead. It is undoubtedly one of the trends in online marketing of this 2018 and the following years.

Marketing of Influencers

Trends in online marketing

Influencers are already qualified as brand prescribers. This 2017 was the takeoff, but this year will continue. However, changes are coming. It is true that consumers trust their influencers, and brands increasingly invest in campaigns with them. However, despite these good results, they face new challenges.

That new challenge is called trust. Users look for the natural and credible, and in some cases this does not happen.

The micro influencers

After this new panorama where users no longer trust any influencer, the micro influencers have been born. These are people who do not have a reach as massive as the other influencers. However, having fewer followers, these are of a higher quality.

The micro influencers have a smaller and more accurate market niche. It does not have to be famous people, hence the modest and natural predominance. As a result, trust and commitment to the brand are greater. This 2018, bet on the simple. The micro influencers are here to stay.

After this review of the trends in online marketing for this 2018. It is likely that you already know where to channel your budgets and strategies for this coming year. But, if it is not the case, you can always let yourself be helped by the best professionals.