Google, the most popular website in the world, helps businesses achieve their highest potential through search and advertising. Google is the foremost destination for people searching for products, services and information online. Thus, if done properly, Google will help you succeed in promoting and selling your product and services online. For non-profit organizations, Google likewise help you in soliciting investments and volunteers.

Do you believe Google can help your business grow? If you want to know if Google through search and advertising can help your business, read on for some helpful information. You will also know the economic impact of Google to businesses in the United States.

While the United States only represent a portion of the world economy, the fact that it is the US dollar that is used in most international transactions, its movements affect the world economy in total.

Thus, when Google said that it generated billion for 1.8 million businesses in the United States, you will know that its effect in the world economy is huge.

In the Google Economic Impact Report for 2011, Google stated how huge search and advertising has helped businesses in the United States. In this report, it was mentioned that Google enjoys 65% market share of the total search and advertising spent in the United States alone.

In the same report, it shows that for every  spent on Adwords, businesses online enjoys  in profit. This is combination of advertising and search results.

Do you think that spending  to earn  is going to be helpful to your business? If you think that it is a good indication and proves that Google and search engine marketing is good, then you have to use that for your business.

The Google economic impact in the US translates to the other cities and territories. However, there are those that are internet marketing babies. They have to grow in terms of understanding the benefits of internet marketing.

Asia, in particular, is yet starting to learn how to walk the internet marketing way. There are quite a few businesses that are taking advantage of online presence in promoting their products and services.

While the European region is now privy to the benefits of internet marketing, there still areas that are learning the benefits of search and advertising in their campaigns.

If the United States is benefiting from Google through search and advertising, other territories will likewise need to learn how they can take advantage of this innovative way of marketing products and services. Businesses, whether operating online or in a traditional way, need to have online presence to grow exponentially.

The fact that there are no geographical barriers in marketing products and services online, you will be sure of the unlimited supply of potential customers. Of course, the only requirement for a certain area to be reached by your online advertisement is internet connection. As long as there is internet connection in the area, wherever it is in the world, your products and services will reach them.

If you however operate a brick and mortar store and thinks that you cannot serve farther that your community, internet marketing will still benefit your small business.

This is done by doing location-based internet marketing campaigns. In this case, every consumer within your locality will know your existence and that they will be able to benefit from your products and services.

You should remember that some consumers are now taking advantage of searching and purchasing online. Thus, even the consumer in the next street may not know your business if you are not searchable online.

Likewise, those new in the community will not be able to buy from you if they will not know where you are and what you are offering when they go searching online.

In this case, to benefit from Google and its search and advertising campaigns, you should understand internet marketing and use them in your promotional efforts.

The economic impact of Google in the US and the world economy is huge. Do you want to take advantage of it in growing your business? If so, then know that there are many ways for you to do this.

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