No matter what kind of business or service you provide, you need to include email marketing in your business activities. Building your own email list can be very rewarding for any kind of business. Not only is email marketing a cheap way of advertising, it can also help you to build a relationship and trust between you and your customers. A good relationship with your customers means more sales and more profits.

Email marketing is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising, because by using your subscriber list, you are actually targeting people who are already interested in your business and products.

I have listed some great list building ideas that can help you to get maximum results from your email marketing efforts.

First I would like to introduce you to a very unique and powerful list building system. This system is a great opportunity to help build yourself a profitable list. Not only that, but you can also make money with it while you are building your list. This powerful system is available in a free and a paid version. Find out more about this unique system by clicking on this link: Powerful List Building System!

To get your site visitors to give you their email address and to subscribe to your newsletter, you will have to provide them with relevant, unique as well as helpful information. Include a subscription form to your website at a spot where it stands out, easy to be seen by your visitors. Do the same on your social sites like Facebook, don’t miss out on social advertising and revenue opportunities.

Keep your subscription form simple, only ask for your visitors name and email address. If you ask for more information, they are more likely not to opt-in. It also helps to set-up a privacy policy page within your website and to include a link to it on your subscription form. Your visitors must feel confident that you are not going to share their information.

Give your visitors an opportunity to review some of your newsletters, for them to decide if your material is relevant to them and if they should sign-up or not. A way to do that is by archiving your articles and newsletters to create an online library. This will help you build credibility as an expert in your niche. Always write your articles with good SEO strategies in mind, it could also increase traffic and your position in search engines.

As a bonus for signing up, it is a good idea to offer your subscribers something useful, like an e-book relevant to your niche. Make it free to download in PDF format. Everyone loves to get something for free but it has to be useful and interesting.

Allow your opt-ins to pass on your eBook to their friends. Word of mouth is one of the best email marketing techniques. Don’t forget to include a text link back to your subscription page.

Allow other webmasters and e zine publishers to reprint your articles as long as they do not change the content. This will create back links and traffic to your site.

Create squeeze pages and include an opt-in form, this is a great way of building your list. Make your squeeze page an interesting and convincing sales letter with a strong headline and a few subscriber benefits listed with bullet points. Include a couple of strong testimonials in your squeeze page and invite your visitors to leave a comment about their experience with your product or service.

Use WordPress or Blogger which is free and start a blogging site. Writing is truly a powerful way to connect with people and possible customers. Write interesting, unique articles relevant to your niche, include a signup form and publish the article on your blog. This will surely help with your email marketing efforts.





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